Angelica Douglas

Front Desk

Like many others, Angelica's first exposure to yoga was on VHS. This transformative experience came courtesy of a Rodney Yee video, and occurred while Angelica was in high school. Over the next few years — and with the growth of the internet — she graduated to YouTube videos and continued her self-development. The search for a home studio took awhile, as Angelica struggled to find a place ideally suited  to her needs. In September of 2010, she took her first class at Indigo Yoga. 

"I found Indigo Yoga over the Labor Day weekend, tried a beginners class and was instantly hooked," says Angelica. "I quickly discovered that practicing with a video was very different from practicing with others in a studio."

It didn't take long for Angelica to fall in love with Indigo and Baptiste Yoga. From workshops to classes, visiting instructors to other special events, Angelica dived in headfirst to everything that Indigo had to offer. 

"After working nine to five in the corporate world, I consider Indigo as my happy place," says Angelica. "No matter what's going on outside, I always find laughter and happiness at Indigo."

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